YouPorn, xHamster, and YouJizz: Which Has Better Porn Videos?

The invention of the internet only made porn access so much easier. Porn tube sites quickly reigned supreme as the #1 resource for porn. However, because these tube sites became so popular, too many of them started to crop up. It came to a point where different tube sites streamed the exact same videos. It now seems like having a ton of sites is just a matter of giving viewers the illusion of choice.

Some tube sites like YouPorn, YouJizz, and xHamster still manage to shine in terms of their content. The videos in these sites still have nuanced differences, which manages to find loyal viewers. While in terms of general content, these sites are fairly similar. Upon closer inspection, they each have a definitive edge that might espouse some loyalty in their viewers.

Below, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of YouPorn, YouJizz, and xHamster to give you some idea about which site can give you the best porn experience.


YouPorn videos have been around since 2005. In their 14 years of existence, their videos are only getting better and better. With 400 million views each month, you can be sure that the content is top-notch.


Thanks to the site’s sleek and sexy design, YouPorn allows you to browse through a huge collection of expertly categorized videos. All of these videos are free to download. These categories let you mix and match keywords depending on your preference. Even the most indecisive porn viewer would appreciate the 5-10 second preview, allowing you to check what’s in store for you. On top of that, YouPorn also has a premium subscription ($9.99 a month) that lets you watch all the videos you want in 1080p.


Any porn lover has seen their fair share of YouJizz movies. YouJizz is another extremely popular tube site that allows you to watch all the naughty videos you want. The great thing about YouJizz is that you can sign up for free. When you have an account, you can download all the videos you want. This membership also lets you save your favorite videos. The site’s algorithms then suggest videos you might want to watch based on your viewing history.

While YouJizz also has an extensive HD collection, their advertised “VR” and “Porn Games” category leave much to be desired. When you click on these links, you’re redirected to a 3rd party site that’s not even related to VR or games.


If you are a true adult content enthusiast, you have no doubt watched porn from xHamster. xHamster’s bread and butter is in its user-uploaded content. While many of these videos are from subscription sites that users upload, you’ll also find a ton of amateur content. The great thing about having user-generated content is that you can view unique videos you wouldn’t otherwise find on other sites.

On top of this, xHamster also has alternative content that’s different from your typical porn flicks. xHamster has thousands of user-created erotica that you can browse through. If you want a more interactive experience, xHamster also has its own legit cam site. They even have their own shop where you can purchase premium porn content for a one-time fee. xHamster has nearly everything covered!

Finding the perfect porn site for you is a matter of different strokes for different folks. Which of the three sites above do you think you’ll be frequenting the most?