Of course, you can. Surely, if you have contemplated joining Adult Friend Finder, other people have likewise decided to give Adult Friend Finder a try, and just like that, there’s logical proof that there are at least two humans on Adult Friend Finder. Now all you have to do is find each other.

Adult Friend Finder has a long and storied history. The entrepreneur who started it was also responsible for the very first online dating website, WebPersonals in 1994. His second attempt was FriendFinder.com, launched in 1995. Along with launching various other Internet personals sites, this eventually became a company which, by 2007, was sold as a network to Penthouse. In that same year,  Adult Friend Finder was ranked as one of the top hundred most visited sites in the US.

Adult Friend Finder’s most famous member of its sprawling network, aside from the chief site itself, is Alt.com. Likewise, Alt.com was once the most prominent personals website for BDSM, LGBTQ, Polyamorous, and all kinds of Alternative Lifestyles. It was pretty much the only game in town for most of the 2000s, at a time when kink and bondage were still taboo secrets which few people could admit to and fewer still thought to look or a community under.

AFF’s heyday may be well behind it, not being nearly as popular as it once was. There was a scuffle over filing bankruptcy a few years back, and a couple other bumps in the news. The AFF network has also seen a sharp rise in competition, coming from dozens of sites more popular with new generations. However, AFF is still well-known with good brand recognition for Baby Boomers and Generation X, for whom the name will always be synonymous with finding romance, sex, and friends-with-benefits on the web.

Do keep in mind, back when AFF was founded, the Internet resembled nothing like what it does now. It had more in common with the old BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems) from before the World Wide Web.  Adult Friend Finder’s technology eventually expanded to include blogs, video sharing, streaming, social networking, in-site emails, and a live chat. In some cases they were even innovators in implementing these services, but their platform seems very aged and decrepit in the modern day of swiping Tinder photos around on a mobile phone.

You can definitely find people on Adult Friend Finder and its subset of specialized sites. Just be advised that it’s far from the only game in town.